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Greens for Breakfast How to Make it Palatable

Greens for breakfast
Greens for breakfast

Today’s easy healthy breakfast idea is mostly greens which are packed well with nutrition. I started with a slice of sourdough bread, buttered it with avocado then for my dose of leafy green vegetables, I topped it with a piece of lettuce, then some asparagus spears, sliced cucumber and almost hidden, a sliced clove of garlic. I garnished it with a pinch of pepper. (Salt should be consumed in moderation so garlic can give you that bit of zest instead).

Sourdough Bread

Bread it not normally a good thing for cancer sufferers or cancer survivors, as you should not be eating too many carbohydrate rich meals or high protein meals. But here is the rub. Sometimes you just need a little more energy from your meal so here is how I eat bread.

Firstly, there are many variations called sourdough bread, but you should eat naturally fermented sourdough bread. Ensure that it contains no yeast. This type of bread is a firmer denser bread made only with wholegrain  flour. Secondly, eat it in moderation. Only one small slice.

Please don’t mind my chipped old plate, because this is a one of the better, easy healthy breakfast ideas.

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