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Claim or Flag a Listing

Improve or Fix your Listing
Our Listings can now have More images, more text, and be better presented due to an upgrade of the website.

Listings can go out of date because the business has moved, changed contact details, or its website.
(Also some listings had part of their business description text truncated in transfer to our new software.)

Listing id free however you need to renew your listing (giving you the chance to edit them at at the same time) to enable your listing to continue, otherwise it will get auto-deleted if you do not renew by the renewal deadline.

If you don’t have access to your same email, to get access please open the listing in the directory and use the “Flag Listing” button next to it.

If a listing in here is your business and you want to delete it, or edit it, use the “Flag Listing ” button to advise us and we will delete it or edit the email address to enable you to edit it.