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Choosing gluten free lollies for your birthday party or lolly bar

We know. Gluten free can be a minefield. And gluten-free lollies are no exception. But the need to cater for food allergies has become the new normal.

You may just want a sweet treat for yourself or your kids, such as a gluten-free biscuit or lolly. Or you may need to prepare for a kids party or other lolly bar occasion.

The most important thing to say, and this cannot be stressed enough, is to always check the label. And not just the ingredients.

Gluten-free lollies will have a clear label stating they are gluten-free. Not only will they contain no gluten, but they will have adhered to strict guidelines around cross contamination and working practices.

You would think it is easy to spot the gluten free varieties. Surely if you stick to the obviously sugary ones and stay away from those that look, well, more wheatey, then its job done. Unfortunately it is not that simple. When is it ever?

Wheat derivatives, and therefore gluten, are everywhere. Even if your lollies contain no cleverly disguised wheat products, chances are that they share a conveyor belt with those that do.

Wheat starch can pop up in the least expected of places. Glucose syrup is also often made using wheat yet it is deemed gluten free by manufacturing standards. Generally safe to consume by all but those with the severest of wheat allergies, it does however find its way into products labelled gluten free.

What lollies are gluten free?

Thankfully, manufacturers are becoming far more tolerant and are investing the time and money that it takes to make safe gluten-free products. We have several varieties of gluten-free lollies to choose from. Create an individual mini lolly bar, away from the main one, and with separate scoops and containers. Label everything clearly, with labels that will stay put.

Gluten-free cola bottle


Gluten-free fruit rings


Gluten-free fruity frogs


Gluten-free gummy lips


Gluten-free party mix



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