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You Need Not Be Defensive When Serving Bircher Muesli, Here’s Why

Breakfast time no longer needs to be a dilemma between healthy food, ease-of-making, and taste. Plum foods of the house of Opera Foods wholesale food Suppliers Sydney are a three-in-one solution.

Whole food, natural Almond ingredients are grown insecticide free make up for a low GI (Glycemic Index) breakfast cereal. Although Plum Foods healthy breakfast cereals have a good sprinkling of fruits, you could, for your family members, add different fruit offerings to the cereal to suit the individual palate. The Fig and Apricot Bircher mix are loaded with organic oats, sunflower kernels, sultanas, rice flakes, figs, pesticide-free almonds, and spices, to make the food Wholesome, Healthy and Tasty. It’s the only energy food you’ll swear by for your hectic day.

In what was originally an attempt to soak porridge oats in milk to get the best outcome, has resulted in this Bircher Muesli Cereal, making it popular for many decades. Shop on our online Gourmet grocery store for your exquisite choice of Breakfast Cereals. Grocers would find the 500g pack handy whereas larger families and Cafes could choose the 1 Kg pack suitable.

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