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Which Is Healthier Granola or Muesli?

Granola and Muesli are similar types of gourmet food which people tend to get confused because of similar identical ingredients.  Generally granola is a not toasted or only lightly toasted trail mix style food and it is ideal served soaked as a Bircher muesli.

If you are craving to find that perfect combination for a healthy breakfast which will provide the required impetus to your body, then Granola or Muesli is the best choice to go with. They are very rich in nutrients and vitamins contain low fat and zero cholesterol which is good for your heart and also keeps your tummy in check. Granola and Muesli are mostly based on rolled oats which have been pressed flat and lightly steamed. They contain minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Zinc and phosphorus, Calcium and Iron.

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Both Granola and Muesli are healthy breakfast cereals; they are both made up of grains, nuts, and seeds. Muesli is usually unbaked and they can be served cold and hot while, on the other hand, Granola is baked and are mostly served cold.

The benefits of having both Granola and Muesli as breakfast are more or less the same. You can try both of them in an alternate routine and get the best results. Granola is probably a little quicker if your in a hurry. You just add milk and yummo.

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