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What to put in kids party bags

What do you put in your kids party bags?

The world may have changed and our children may seem to grow up faster, yet the sheer excitement of a small child’s party remains the same. In the same way that a baby will have more fun with the box or the wrapping paper, younger kids will never fail to be excited by the simplest of party bags.

Sometimes it really is the simple things, and the basic contents of a kids party bag has remained unchanged for decades. Because kids will always be…well, kids.
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What to put in kids party bags

Keep it simple. And inexpensive. Choose a few fun colourful items, add a few lollies, and there isn’t a child in the world that won’t go home happy. Oh, and don’t forget the time honoured tradition of a piece of birthday cake wrapped in a napkin.

Some parents hand them out at the door. This way it doesn’t really matter if they are not all exactly the same. If you plan on handing them out earlier, then you may want to consider making them all identical. That said, kids do like to compare loot and mixing up the content keeps the element of surprise.

Pocket money toys

Most stores have a great selection of pocket money toys. Bubble blowers, stickers, and bouncy balls never go out of favour.

Small themed toys

Look out for something small and inexpensive that ties in with the general theme of your party, or is personalised to each guest. Just one thing in each bag that makes it a little bit special.


Sweets, of course. No self respecting loot bag is without lollies. Anything goes here, but maybe think about individually wrapped lollies that won’t make a mess.

What NOT to put in kids party bags

There is minefield of things to consider when dealing with other peoples children. As the years go by, that list seems to get bigger. Whilst there is no need to get hung up on every single possibility that you may inadvertently offend, it is worth keeping it mindful and respectful.

Noisy things

For most people, noisy things are a no-no. Nobody appreciates a carful of kids blowing on hooters and it can be hard enough calming kids down after a party.

Too much sugar

Just as lollies are an absolute must and no kids party is complete without sweet treats, be mindful of sugar overload. Nobody will thank you if they are still up at midnight.

Plastic bags

Keeping plastic to a minimum is always a good (if not entirely achievable) idea but plastic bags come with their own particular hazards. Consider using paper or fabric bags, or even making your own.


It is not easy to cater for all allergies and sensitivities, and most kids and parents are good at policing themselves but it is good practice these days to make your party a nut free zone.

Age appropriateness

Make sure anything you include in your party bags is appropriate for the age range; no small parts or possible choking hazards. You might want to stay away from sharp pointy things too.

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