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Super Food Grain and Seed Toppings for Acai Bowl and Smoothie Bowl

Opera Foods Pty Ltd is a wholesale suppliers of fine gourmet food products. We also are manufacturers for many of our own special brands like Pep Tea, Bush Cookies, Almonde almonds, Plum Foods, Boost Nutrients and many others. We specialise in healthy breakfast cereals and organic products which can be used as superfood grains or toppings on your acai bowl, acai porridge, granola bowl or smoothies. They make an easy healthy breakfast.

Some gourmet foods are gluten-free but at the same time, they are high in antioxidant content. The berries, fruits and dried nuts added to it make the acai bowl, porridge bowl or granola bowl variations of high nutritional value. The healthy fats and fiber in them without any added sugar make them the best among the healthy foods category.

Smoothies, are the perfect recipe for a delicious and healthy breakfast and can be drinkable shakes. Roughly a smoothie bowl contains about 400-600 calories; it also depends on which superfood toppings you use. Some of the best superfood toppings available with us are powdered fruits and vegetables, acai powder, hemp protein powder, and whey protein powders.

Opera Foods is a family-owned Australian business, we are wholesale food suppliers of gourmet & Organic food products. Retailers and Cafes are invited to register for Wholesale Access to view and order products at fine prices.

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