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Organic Kombucha Tea – Lime and Ginger Packed with Antioxidants

Organic Kombucha tea  Lime and Ginger  12 pack is popular among drinkers of the healthy tea drink Kombucha. Organic kombucha tea Lime and Ginger is gluten free and sugar free.
Kombucha is regarded as a symbiotic culture of respective yeast and bacteria. Kombucha tea makers started its first brew in China in 221 BC. Since these days, it is being said that kombucha tea possesses certain health benefits. Modern science has also claimed that kombucha tea contain several health benefits. This tea helps to develop immune system of individuals. It is packed with lots of kombucha anti oxidants and probiotics. This organic kombucha tea-lime and ginger is an ideal drink for kids as a replacement for soft drinks as it is SUGAR FREE..

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