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Opera Foods wholesale food Suppliers in Australia

Opera Foods are Fine Food Distributors in Australia. We manufacture and deliver natural wholefoods and foods which have been made using organic, natural and pesticide free cereals.  We are basically an online shop for gourmet groceries and gluten-free products.  Opera Foods was founded in the year 2006, but over the years we have established ourselves as a leading brand in Gourmet foods. Our food manufacturing operation is situated in and around Sydney but we deliver products to all suburbs in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Opera also owns a wide range of label brands for different food categories. Plum Foods and Mulberry Tree supply you with award-winning products of Granola and Muesli. The wide range of varieties will give you the perfect option to choose your healthy breakfast for the day. If you are in need of a brand which provides vegan protein Powder, Boost Nutrients is the perfect online hub. You will find fruit and vegetable powders along with different ingredients and super-food toppings to make your Acai Bowl or Granola Bowl smoothies. Almonde provides organic and natural almonds that are specially grown insecticide free and packed in HACCP certified premises.

We also have your evening snacks and tea covered with in-house brands like Bush Cookies, Finom, and Pep Tea. Here you can find different types of cookies, bickies, lavosh crackers and snacks which you can order according to the preferred taste of your kids. Pep Tea offers Kombucha and Matcha at a very affordable price. We also have another brand for chocolates, Snacks bar, Rock candy and lollypops called The Lolly Shop.

Opera Foods is focused on  delivery from our online shop which consists of unique gourmet foods and gluten-free products. Subscribe to our newsletter to know about the latest updates and also get 10% off on your first order from our online store.

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