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Opera Foods – The Wholesale Confectionery & Bulk Lollies Suppliers

Opera Foods is an online wholesale confectionery hub which supplies bulk lollies, cookies, bickies, snack bars, crackers, and boiled candies. Opera Foods has established itself as a gourmet wholesale food & gluten-free products brand, but many few know us as a Confectionery hub for bulk lollies in Australia. Our online store consists of diverse products which can be gifted to your kids as a surprise gift for small achievements which they complete in their academics at school. Thus you can keep them motivated and fuel them in achieving their respective goals. It is also a good idea to gift them with one of our gourmet gift baskets.

Our confectionery is sold in low price bulk 1kg bags ideal for resellers, bulk food stores and for lolly buffets at kids parties.

Opera Foods have different types of Cookies and Bickies. Some of the cookies recommended by us are Angel Cookies, Anzac Biscuits, Choc Chip Cookies, and Chocolate Freckle biscuits. We do also have bulk lollies of different varieties and taste alongside rock candies like Humbugs, Choc mints, Raspberry Cream, and Bullseyes. We also have healthy breakfast cereals like Granola and Muesli which can be decorated with superfood toppings such as Acai berry powder and Australian mixed berry fruit powders. We also have snacks such as Finom crackers and raw almonds which are healthy and filled with essential nutrients required for the body.

Opera Foods are food distributors and manufacturers of Australia. We specalise in our unique products in our own brands for independent supermarkets, gourmet grocers and fresh fruit & vegetable shops delicatessens etc.  We also deliver products overnight in all the suburbs of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

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