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Opera Foods distribute bulk lollies including The Lolly Shop Brand

Opera Foods are long establish confectionery distributors of Australia. They supply bulk lollies in the regions of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong and Newcastle. Opera Foods is opersted by an Australian family who have long experience in food manufacture and wholesaling. They provide magnificent classic Australian confectionery products as well as superior imported products for gourmet grocery.

Opera Foods who were founded in the year 2006 offer a wide range of brands for independent grocers including Plum Foods, Boost Nutrients, Pep Tea, The Lolly Shop, Mulberry Tree,Bush Cookies, Finom, and Almonde Almonds.

The Lolly Shop is generally a wholesale distributor of lollypops, chocolates, rock candy as well as some snack bars. The Lolly Shop delivers large bulk lollies also to consumers in most regions of Australia with prompt delivery.  Party Mix bulk lollies are considered as a classic favorite lolly and they are among the great favorite lollies for children as well as adults. Choc Mints boiled lollies rock candy are renowned classic boiled lollies that taste superior and fine.
These lollies are perfect for gourmet gifts. All the products of The Lolly Shop are well know favourites.

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