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Kombucha The Panacea For Your” Choice Of Tea” Problem

Decidedly of Chinese origin, first formulated by their herbalists, Kombucha consumption has since, over the centuries, taken deep roots in Japan since where it is consumed to the present day.

Organic Kombucha is a flavored and fermented tea which is effervescent and contains antioxidants making it eminently suitable for consumption, even by die-hard health freaks. The alcohol content is regulated by the government (0.05%) makes it amenable to kids as well.

The preparation of Kombucha Tea is a highly specialized process involving the specific bacteria usable uncontaminated by atmospheric bacteria and a tightly controlled scientific balance.

When sugar is added to a Kombucha culture, the latter ferments. The sugar is neutralized by the yeast followed by the creation of bubbles (carbon dioxide) and alcohol (ethanol). Additionally, being a symbiotic combination, the bacteria consume the ethanol leaving desirable remnants of healthy amino acids and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Regular consumption of good Kombucha Tea speeds up the drainage of harmful bacteria from the body, especially the digestive system epitomizing the play of probiotic constituents. An important antibacterial component in Kombucha is acetic acid created during fermentation which has a wide-spectrum ability to antiseptically eliminate harmful bacteria.

A good brew of Kombucha has a high content of Glucaric acid which periodically detoxifies the liver leaving the latter focused on detoxing our bodies. The anti-inflammatory property of Glucosamines got during the brewing process help the health of cartilage of the joints and helps retard the aging-related developments to the tissues. As there are parallels with medical evidence between inflammation and depression, Kombucha helps prevent certain negative mental states gaining the upper hand. Kombucha helps increase the good HDL levels of the blood and lower the undesirable LDL levels, conditions for a healthy heart. By altering the intake of carbs, Kombucha verily delays the inset of the diabetic disease.

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