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Kanga Country Cookies


Kanga Country Cookies

Kanga Country Cookies rolls of Labels

Kanga Country Cookies are an old established Australian biscuit brand. Best known as Kanga Country Cookies, the brand is owned and distributed throughout Australia by AFS Premier Brands, Wholesale distributors of Melbourne.

The Kanga Country Cookies brand are packaged cookies in clear packets that show the quality of the cookies enclosed. They are sold in bulk lots for Independent supermarkets and grocery retailers.

Kanga Country Cookies - Pallet

Pallet lot of Kanga Country Cookies

The brand has a large number of flavors to choose from including classic biscuit flavors that are old favorites. The Kanga buscuit range and includes fine flavors such as:-

Gluten Free Passionfruit Creams,

Gluten Free Choc Chip,

Passionfruit Creams,

Chocolate Freckle, and the popular plain

Freckle Bickies, with  the ever popular use of bulk M&M Minis

For more information about supply of the Kanga Country Cookies brand contact AFS Premier Brands of Melbourne.

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