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Chocolate Freckle Biscuits are Created for Chocolate Cookie Lovers

Chocolate freckle biscuits by Bush Cookies are quite popular among gourmet foods for biscuits and cookies. These biscuits are created for chocolate lovers. Bush cookies manufacture a huge range of wholesale cookies. Kids will love chocolate freckle biscuits and these cookies are perfect for kids party and kids snack food. These are handmade gourmet biscuits. Some people call them Smartie Cookies we call the Chocolate Freckle Bickies

The ingredients of chocolate freckle biscuits are  flour, margarine, mini M & Ms, sugar, starch, glucose, syrup, colours, vegetable gum, sugar, milk chocolate ,milk solids, cocoa mass, cocoa butter,  vegetable fat,  emulsifier , salt, flavor, sugar, starch, glucose syrup, colors, thickener, glazing agent, brown sugar, egg, chocolate white, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, vanilla, chocolate flavor, food color, essence and salt.

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