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Baking with Matcha and Beyond.

We all know about the benefits of matcha green tea, but have you ever considered using it as an ingredient in your cooking and baking? The subtle sweet grassy tones of matcha add an interesting flavour dimension, and when you understand how well it pairs with other ingredients the creative possibilities are endless.

So, whether you simply want to bring a bit more interest to your morning matcha latte, or bake some impressive matcha makes, read on to find out what you can do with matcha. And what you maybe can’t.

Matcha Flavour Pairings

Matcha is a hugely versatile ingredient that plays well with a variety of complementary tastes.

Sweet Vanilla

The creamy sweetness of vanilla is like a hug for matcha’s complex bitterness, softening its edge and adding a cosy warmth.

Rich Caramel

The deep, buttery notes of caramel melt into the earthy matcha, adding a rich, more complex sweetness.

White Chocolate

The creamy texture and sweet, milky flavour of white chocolate pair perfectly with matcha’s slightly bitter and earthy tones. Matcha loves anything creamy, and sweet.


Peppermint takes matcha in a different direction, bringing out the herbaceous quality of matcha, rather than rounding out bitterness. With a deft hand, you could balance both.

Toasty Nuts

Toasted nuts have their own element of bitterness, with a sweet creaminess that works alongside the bitterness of matcha. The toasted depth adds an extra layer of complexity.


Coconut infuses a silky, exotic flavour that works in the same way as sweet and creamy flavours, yet with a different tropical dimension.

Bold Spices

Again, it is the sweet spices like cinnamon, cardamom, or nutmeg that work well with creamy milky flavours, that pair well with matcha. You could push the boundaries though. Keep it milky, yet experiment with black or pink pepper; even Szechuan.

What not to pair with matcha

While matcha is incredibly versatile and pairs well with a broad range of flavours, there are a few that might not make the perfect match.

Citrus fruits, for instance, can overly accentuate matcha’s bitterness, creating a sharp taste that overshadows its nuanced flavours. The same goes for most acidic flavours. The key here is to balance out the acidity, with something richer. The fruity flavour of raspberries, for instance, goes well with matcha, yet it requires a careful hand to balance out their acidity.

Dark chocolate or coffee, with their bitter tones, can sometimes accentuate the bitter notes of matcha too much. Again, the key here is to balance out the bitterness with something creamier.

Too much sugar can also drown out the distinctive taste of matcha, turning a sophisticated flavour profile into a one-note sweetness.

Experimenting is key, but these guidelines can help maintain the integrity of matcha’s unique taste.

Ideas for Matcha Makes

  1. Matcha Shortbread Cookies: Incorporate matcha powder into your shortbread before baking.
  2. Matcha Chia Seed Pudding: Mix 1/4 cup of chia seeds with 1 cup matcha-infused milk, let it sit overnight, and top with berries in the morning.
  3. Matcha Tiramisu: Indulge in a decadent but simple dessert by layering matcha-soaked ladyfingers with a whipped mixture of mascarpone cheese, sugar, and cream, then dusting the top with matcha powder as the finishing touch.
  4. Matcha Mousse: Create a light and airy matcha mousse by folding matcha powder into whipped cream. Sweeten with powdered sugar and layer with crumbled biscuits for an easy, elegant dessert.
  5. Matcha White Chocolate Latte: Turn your matcha latte into a decadent winter treat with melted white chocolate. Top with whipped cream and a light sprinkle of matcha powder for a truly indulgent drink.
  6. White Chocolate Matcha Truffles: Melted 450g white chocolate into 250ml heavy cream. Add a tablespoon of matcha powder and leave it to set. Roll the mixture into balls and dust with matcha powder. Or dip in tempered melted white chocolate and leave to set.
  7. Matcha White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies: Give the classic cookie a twist by adding a hint of matcha to the dough. The nuttiness of macadamia pairs well with the sweetness of white chocolate chips.
  8. Creamy Matcha Panna Cotta: Delight in the silky texture of panna cotta with a matcha twist. Simply infuse the cream with matcha powder before setting it with gelatin and chilling. Go one step further and turn it into a creme caramel instead.
  9. Quick Matcha Cupcakes: Upgrade a vanilla cupcake mix and blend in a bit of matcha powder for an easy matcha upgrade. Top with vanilla frosting and a dusting of matcha.

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