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Acai Porridge with Hemp Seeds

Hear is another Acai Porridge for healthy immune building nutrition and its hard to beat a smooth warm porridge. For a cancer survivorI have looked to the other great nutrients and antioxidants that can be included. An Acai Porridge as a winter Acai Bowl can have a wide range of super-food ingredients for toppings.

Porridge with Superfood ingredients can be a nutrition powerhouse in your pantry. For this Acai Porridge I have gone with extra Acai powder as you will see from the dark purple color of the porridge.

Acai Bowl Porridge
Acai Bowl Porridge

Ingredients for Oaten Acai Porridge:

1 cup of Plum Foods Organic Rolled Oats.
3 heaped teaspoons of Amazon Power organic Acai Berry Powder.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Australian Mango Powder.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Hemp Seeds.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Carrot Powder.
1 teaspoon of Boost Nutrients Organic Banana Powder.
1 1/2 cups of Water, Milk, or Almond Milk.

Method for Acai Porridge:

Add your organic rolled oats to your saucepan. (Again this is your major ingredient by volume and high quality organic oats are not expensive. So make it organic rolled oats).
Add your choice of fluids. Either milk or almond milk or water. Then stir for 5 mins as you bring it to the boil till its smooth.
Add your Acai berry powder to your porridge and stir it through. Then pour it into you bowl and sprinkle on your topping ingredients.

Again each of these ingredients adds a food that brings you a highly nutritious boost, plus a boost in protein.  This version of Acail porridge deliberately has a high dose of Acai Bery Powder for extra antioxidants. Your Acai Porridge or winter Acai Bowl is a low GI meal with high fibre content from wholemeal foods that helps to sustain your energy levels throughout your day. This version will give you a higher dose of antioxidants that may assist you to build your immune system and heal your body to ward of free radicals. See my other Recipes for Acai Porridge here.

All of these ingredients are grocery lines stocked by Opera Foods Australian wholesale food Suppliers. and can be purchased online.

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